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Today, we are featuring Greg. We heard from him on Twitter:

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Greg has worked for 21 years for a large bank, where he is now a Branch Manager in St. Louis, Missouri. He's a proud husband, father of an 11-year-old daughter, and a HUGE Chelsea fan, as you can tell from his Twitter handle, @chelseafanSTL. This is his story.

Livongo: When were you diagnosed? What crossed your mind when you were told about it?

Greg: Back in 2017, I got an A1c of 8%, yet I ignored my doctor. I thought diabetes would go away on its own. Fast-forward to early 2019. I had gained weight. I felt miserable: My diet was terrible, I was tired all the time, constantly out of breath, snoring a lot. When I went back to the doctor, he told me my A1c had climbed to 9.1%. It was a big aha moment!

Livongo: When you first heard of the Livongo program, what appealed to you about it?

Greg: A coworker with diabetes told me our bank covered Livongo for Diabetes. The fact that it was free to me was awesome! I got my glucose meter and testing supplies, and eventually downloaded the app. I realized I could share my results with my doctor, share my charts, making the doctor’s visits easier. Today, I check my blood glucose 4-5 times per day, and I share my readings with my wife: I have my account set up so that anytime readings are below 60 or above 300, she gets notified. Fortunately, it hasn’t gone off.

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Livongo: How would you describe the Livongo program to someone who hasn’t heard of it before?

Greg: I like the coaches and the nutrition tips: They are amazing! I like how easy the program is, and how it helps me. I have unlimited test strips: If I mess one up, I don’t have to worry about the cost. Six months later, I have dropped my A1c from 9.1% to 5.9%, I lost 50 pounds. I look at pictures of myself, and it’s night and day. Also, the customer service is phenomenal! I lost my lancing device, and within 2 days they had sent me a new lancing device.

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Thanks to Livongo, I didn’t have to stop living my life, I just had to make changes. I was worried diabetes would change my life: It’s actually improved a lot. Livongo is a game changer!

Livongo: What drives you crazy about living with diabetes?

Greg: Honestly, I sometimes get a little jealous. For example, the other day my coworker was eating a pizza and drinking a soda at lunch. Although once in a while, I can have a slice of pizza, I used to eat that every day. Today, I think of what that meal would do to my body. I know I would feel terrible. I know how my body would react to it, what would happen. If I had an A1c of 9%, I’d be exhausted and wanting to sleep.

Livongo: Where do you see your life going from here?

Greg: I have a chronic condition. It doesn’t mean it’s going to stop my life. I am going to watch my daughter go to college, get married. I want to continue my career.

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